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berks --path cookbooks でエラーが出る場合



$ berks --path cookbooks
DEPRECATED: `berks install --path [PATH]` has been replaced by `berks vendor`.
DEPRECATED: Re-run your command as `berks vendor [PATH]` or see `berks help vendor`.


$ berks vendor cookbooks
DEPRECATED: Your Berksfile contains a site location pointing to the Opscode Community Site (site :opscode). Site locations have been replaced by the source location. Change this to: 'source "https://supermarket.chef.io"' to remove this warning. For more information visit https://github.com/berkshelf/berkshelf/wiki/deprecated-locations
Resolving cookbook dependencies...

 『--path』 -> 『vendor』にすればいいらしい。

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入門Chef Solo - Infrastructure as Code